Effective EEG analysis
to guide epilepsy diagnosis

Epilog offers fast, accurate and efficient presurgical EEG analysis to avoid backlogs in evaluating epilepsy surgery.

Spike and seizure detection
Spikes and seizures are identified in the EEG recordings of your patients using FDA-approved / CE-marked algorithms.
3D source imaging
Six-layered head models are constructed from the MR image of your patient to localize the epileptic activity in the brain.

Report generation
The results are concisely summarized in a report with clear visuals for optimal epilepsy diagnosis and treatment.

Latest news

9th International Epilepsy Colloquium
Meet us at our booth during the 9th International Epilepsy Colloquium in London from June 22-24. Get your copy of our white paper, we are happy to give you more information.
ECE Prague
We are very proud Epilog has a talk on the next European Congress on Epileptology in Prague from September 11-15. We will present "Epilog: a framework for automatic detection of epileptic spikes and subsequent EEG source imaging to localize the epileptogenic zone with high sensitivity and specificity". Please pass by our booth too.